It’s a Whole New Year!

Hi all you wonderful people who enjoy my jewelry! The new year is just beginning and I couldn’t be more psyched to be able to go into my shop and design and make some brand new Silver jewelry to bring to the Spring shows, and just this morning I had a terrific design idea while enjoying my first coffee of the new year. Well, I HOPE it’s a good idea – you’ll have to be the one to judge that!

As always, I’m feeling so grateful that you and my other “fans” have enabled me to take raw elements from the earth, Silver and gemstones, and turn them into wearable items that I can then take to the craft and art shows and hand them DIRECTLY to you. No internet, no catalog, no mail order. Just the last of the “maker handing it to the wearer”. How lucky are we to have discovered this fun and joyful thing??

So, thanks again, and let’s meet up at one of the shows this year, OK? (say YES!) As soon as I’ve got my show dates finalized, I’ll post them with links in “upcoming shows”, below. I’ll see you there!

November Gaithersburg

Hi there, you wonderful person checking my site! If you met me at the October show in Gaithersburg, well Hi! If you’re one of the people who went home with a new piece of my jewelry, I’m excited for both of us and I thank you sincerely, as without you I’d have to stop doing one of my favorite things: designing and making new pieces of silver jewelry! And I truly love what I do for work, and have a daily appreciation for the people, like you, who make it all possible.

And that brings us to the next main point here: In just a few short days my last show of the year 2017 will be happening, at the beautiful Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Gaithersburg Maryland, November 17th-19th, the weekend just before Thanksgiving. It’s perhaps my favorite show of the year because the turnout is so terrific, plus I make sure I have a lot of new things ready to be worn home right from the show! The new Opals I’m getting ready to set this week are knocking me out – they’re like holding fire in your hands. The Pietersites I’m setting are blue and sparkling, like water running through them while you watch. Oh, there’s so much more to show you – so please come out to this huge (400+ craftspeople) show and see all the new things for yourself. I’ll be in the second barn into the show, and I can’t wait to see you!

New Paltz, and on to Gaithersburg!

Hi and thank you, a real thank you to all you wonderful people who came out to the Woodstock/New Paltz show and made it one of the best Fall shows I’ve had there. We even braved rain and flooding on Sunday and had a number of memorable people “make my day”!

And now my thoughts are turning to Gaithersburg Maryland, and the Sugarloaf show there October 20-22nd. I’ve found a lot of amazing stones over the summer and designed some new settings that I think are pretty and exciting, so now is the fun time when I can head out to my shop and create some brandy new things to bring to Gaithersburg. It’s so fulfilling to make new things and have you come out to the shows, touch them and like them, and maybe wear one home.

That’s the reason I don’t, and won’t, sell online, or by mail, or through stores. At the shows, we get to meet each other in person, I get to show you all the things I’ve been dreaming up and making, maybe you find that one special piece that was made just for you, and we each go home with a real smile on our face.

I love my life and value your contribution to the whole picture. See you in Gaithersburg!