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Winter, 2015!

by tomburnsjewelry on 17 December 2014

Thank you one and all for making 2014 one of the best years I’ve ever had! I feel SO fortunate that you like the things I make and want to wear them. I’m a lucky guy.

I’ve been reading lately about the many different origins of the holidays we call Christmas and New Years, and they have been being celebrated for many thousands of years, mostly in the same ways we do now: being thankful for what we have, sharing with friends, family and neighbors, and lots of eating and drinking! The days are short and dark, it’s getting cold outside, let’s party! I’m very fortunate in that I love winter sports, and eating and drinking, and my schedule gives me this time off to regroup. I’m able to take a little time to reflect on how thankful I am for all of you who are giving and receiving and wearing a new piece of jewelry - made from elements straight from our beautiful Earth - this holiday season. Thank you so much!

I’ve already gotten some new gemstones to light up my short winter days, and my sketchbooks are loaded with new ideas for silver settings, and the first of them are already in progress on my workbench. Now I just need some stormy days on my snowboard for inspiration!

I don’t sell online or by mail, and would like to keep it that way. Every piece has a lot of thought and work behind it, and it’s part of the circle for me to meet you in person, see your reactions and even see the piece on you. That’s where my satisfaction lies, so one more thank you to you for coming out in person to one of the Craft Fairs this year.Let’s make a plan to see each other again in 2015!

The sidebar to the right listing upcoming shows is stuck on 2012, but the links will take you to the proper sites with correct dates for 2015. I’m making it a priority to find some super sleuth who can re program it correctly!

I’ll see you in the Spring!


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